Nikon D810

In one word, a workhorse. Honestly an amazing camera, with good AF, great IQ and it has never let me down.


Nikon 24-70 f2.8 ED

Workhorse number II. I use it for 80% of my photos. Sharp, with little distortion and useful zoom range. One of the best Nikon lenses. I prefer this one to VR version.

Nikon 70-200 f4 G VR

I prefer it to a pricier 2.8 version. For my work I almost never work below f4. If I do I use 85mm 1.4. Focusing distance of 70cm is amazing and color and sharpness is always really great.


Nikon 85 f1.4 G

A beauty in its own right. Amazing colors and bokeh. Little pricy but you get your money worth. 

Profoto B1

All around useful light source. Expensive but again, for me absolutely worth it. 

Profoto B2

Small and portable. 250W, which for some people can be too little but I prefer working with lower power. Lowest power is 1W which is great.

Profoto TTL-N

Simply a trigger for flashes. It is kinda fancy and can remote control flash heads. Honestly almost never use that function, despite being handy sometimes.

Profoto Umbrella Deep M, white + diffusor

Great for hand holding with Profoto B2. Quick to setup and very portable. Great quality of materials and definitly step above other umbrellas I tried.

Profoto Softbox Rfi 2x3 (60x90cm)

A fairly small softbox, great diffusion and very practical as rim light or an added light for body with umbrella or beauty dish as a key light.

Profoto Beauty Dish Ocf 2" White + diffusor

Collapsable beauty dish, do I need to say more. Ok, it is actually a surprisngly good beauty dish with added option for small octabox. So win win I say.

Westcott 7" Parabolic Umbrella Silver + diffusor 

A huge thing yes. But for full body shots better then anything other I tried. Added bonus of surprisingly portability. Also the silver is just right amount of contrast. 

Elinchrom Rotalux Octabox 53" (135cm)

This is a stunner and a keeper. Great system for folding so it is really fast to setup and the quality of light is bar none. Wouldn't trade it for the world. My go to.

Profoto OCF Grid Kit

What can I say, it comes with 10, 20 and 30 degrees grids. Great for targeting only hair or specific objects in shot. Small and lightweight. 

F-stop Ajna

Great backpack. Sturdy, comfortable, high strength materials and also pretty to look at. Can fit all of my gear. 

Manfrotto 055 XPROB Tripod + some head

It's a big heavy tripod which is sometimes a big minus but mostly its a plus. When people trip over it, they fell instead of a camera. If that is not a good commercial for it, I don't know what else could be.

Elinchrom Boom Arm

A stick you put a light on and give someone to hold it. 

Hoya ND 4,8,16

Because every lens need a good pair of sun glasses.

Hoya CP-L Filter

For those pesky reflections and blue blue skies.

Rosco Color Gels

For everything from making disco to neutralising horrible office lights. This helps.

Tethertools USB 3 Cable

One end goes in camera and one in computer. Great for seeing real time pictures on laptop instead of small camera screen.