Branding: Business cards

When it comes to business cards, people generally falls into one of two categories. Either they think they are outdated and not needed or they pretty much adore them. 

I adore them. 

I love the feeling of giving or receiving something tangible. In photography that is not common so any kind of printed photo, cards or similar can have big impact on your client or coworkers. 

In this post I will talk about my thoughts and how i went about designing them, where to print them and how much they cost. 



I wanted something minimalistic, dark and straight to the point. Clarity about number, my profession and my page should be clearly seen. On the front I wanted just my name and I also added it in the back, just in case someone first saw it from behind so that he didn't have to turn it. Its a small touch but I think its important. 

With that in mind and few trials and errors I got my basic design. The hardest part for me and I guess also for anyone designing it will come down to the font of letters. Its just hard picking one. 

The program I used had been Photoshop CC. I made a blank layer with the dimension the company who would print them provided and in my case filled it in black. Then I just played with composition until I liked everything. In my case with extremely simple design that wasn't hard or even a long process. Depending on your design you could be better in Adobe Illustrator. 

In the end you can design whatever you like but usually the things you should include is:

  1. name
  2. occupation
  3. number
  4. mail
  5. webpage
Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 14.03.53.png


The quality impacts the cost. The price of 50 cards starts from 10$ all the way to 200$ and even more. The things that matter are:

Weight of paper should be no less then 300g. This is the thickness of a normal business card, still flexible but also having weight. Normal paper is around 80g. The cards I ordered have 600g so they are really thick and not flexible at all. The advantage being they look really good and expensive (and they are.)

Gloss or mat, I personally hate gloss no matter what so I would just stick with mat, it looks more classy and elegant but it makes photo less contrasty. 

Letterpress is a technique in which every card is hand stamped and it makes an emboss in it. Looks amazing but it is also amazingly expensive, around 80$ per 50 cards. 

I printed them at MOO ( Read many positive comments on them and I liked the idea of Luxe card, those really thick expensive looking cards. The price is alright. I mean it iss around 80$ per 100 cards. It is a lot for a paper but the quality is awesome and there are cheaper alternatives then their luxe range. You can also get a free sample of everything they make so you can be sure what you want. (I wish this was sponsored but I do not get anything from this, I just like them, their price, quality and niceness, they are super nice.) But if you found amazing local printers by all means use them. just make sure you like their work. 



If you like my design and want it for yourself I can send you .psd files with everything untouched, so you can just change information and print it. Or you can also press CMD (CTRL) + I for invert colours, so you have white background and black text (also really pretty)